Bushido Kanji

The bushido kanji are BU, martial, SHU meaning person, and DO that stands for the Way. Master calligrapher Nadja Van Ghelue shows Japanese calligraphy of the bushido kanji in different styles and explains them.

The three kanji bushido unmistakenly represent the Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Samurai. If you have a close look at the bushido kanji you can see the following:

BU, martial

Bu - Kanji Bushido The kanji BU evokes a warrior with a long battle-axe moving forward.

You can see two elements: the slanting stroke on the right represents a battle-axe and on the left side stands the image of a foot, which indicates movement.

SHI, person or Samurai

Shi - Kanji Bushido The original pictogram of SHI is probably the image of an old weapon or it could also represent a person who stands firmly on the ground with her/his feet spread apart.

DO, the Way

Do - Kanji Bushido The kanji DO has two elements: on the right you see the image of a human head, an eye with hair, and on the left the image of a foot, which again stands for movement. So, Way is the image of people moving along.

BUSHIDO, The Way of the Warrior

Do - Kanji Bushido I would like to remember the words of Yamaoka Tesshu, the outstanding master of kendo, master of the Japanese art of Swordmanship and Master of Calligraphy of the 19th century Japan, who said the following about BUSHIDO:

Bushido is the proper way of life for the Japanese. In order to learn the Way, forget about self and awaken to the truth. Drop off illusion, clarify heaven and earth, look at things the way they really are and realize no- self.

We must look after each other without regard to our own welfare, kill selfish desires, bravely face all enemies, and keep a stainless mind- this is Bushido.”

From John Stevens “The Sword of No-Sword”, the life of the master Warrior Tesshu.

Watch the video to see calligrapher Nadja Van Ghelue brushing the Bushido Kanji in semi-cursive script


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