Contemporary Buddhist Imagery of the Heart Sutra

Heart Sutra In Semi-Cursive Script
Japanese calligraphy in semi-cursive style
with indigo pigment background

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A creative pilgrimage to the Vulture Peak Mountain where Buddha turned the second Wheel of Dharma. This calligraphy recalls the teaching of the prajnaparamita in a cool refreshing scenery. I have never been at the Vulture Peak Mountain, but as I finished writing the characters I felt a spontaneous need to depict the mountain behind it. And so I let my mind go to this refreshing place where the Buddha and his disciples could find shade from the hot weather. A verdant mountain with beautiful trees, springs, sun and moon where the mind can find peace.

The calligraphy says:

Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva-Mahasattva, while practicing the profound practice of transcendent knowledge, saw the five skandas and their natural emptiness and thus transcended all suffering.

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Heart Sutra Print in Japanese Calligraphy


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