Japanese Landscape Paintings In Zen Style

Mountain Landscape Brushed In Zen Style

20″ x 13″
52 x 34 cm

sumi on
rice paper

paintings ready
for Western
style framing

Click here for a high quality print of this landscape in Zen style.

Japanese landscape paintings are often associated with sumi e landscape paintings in black and grey tones. In these Japanese landscape paintings the artist evokes the wonderful mountain range of the Serra Tramuntana on the Island Mallorca.

Japanese Landscape Paintings

Size: 20″ x 13″; 52 x 34 cm

The scenery, the surroundings of the mountain monastery Lluc, is painted in the zen-like ‘boneless’ style with wet brush strokes and rich black and grey ink washes, intensifying the refreshing quality of these candid landscape paintings.

Artist Nadja Van Ghelue shows more landscape paintings at her high quality art prints gallery. Click here to buy a print of her Japanese brush paintings.

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