Kanji Symbols – A Fascinating World Of Images

Kanji symbols have a rich history and symbolism. Master calligrapher Nadja Van Ghelue explains and illustrates most popular kanji symbols with fine examples of Japanese calligraphy. Her artwork stresses the beauty of Japanese kanji and brings the universal inspiration of kanji symbols into your life.

Kanji symbols are as appealing as when they were created.

Japanese introduced Chinese characters into their written language in the 5th century. These characters are known as kanji. They are very old, some of them date back to 1000 B.C. but they have preserved their creative power until our days. Kanji symbols express the beauty of human life and communicate feelings to us humans in a very old way, through images. The Japanese kanji symbols are genuine pictogramms which connect us with our unspoiled human imagination, the source of all languages

Stone jars filled with wine and corn

Good Luck Kanji Symbol The kanji symbol FUKU, which means FORTUNE and WELL-BEING, is the image of a stone jar filled with food or wine. This feeling is familiar to all of us. When plenty of wine and food is stored we feel comfort and have confidence in the future.

The roots of many kanji symbols lay in our own human experiences. The Japanese kanji symbol for PEACE, AN, represents a woman underneath a roof, a picture that reminds of shelter and love.

Kanji Symbol Happiness The kanji symbol GAKU, HAPPINESS, is the same kanji as for MUSIC, uniting music, a gift of the gods, with joy and happiness.

Kanji symbols for spirited people

Master calligrapher Nadja Van Ghelue has created artistic designs of most popular kanji symbols in different styles of Japanese calligraphy. If you would like to wear kanji symbols on your clothing, here is your opportunity. We have created a kanji shirt collection with unique designs and special features: brightness, elegance, harmony, strength and beauty for you.

Do you want to see our kanji t-shirts? Click on the kanji symbols designs below to browse our kanji t-shirt collection!

Designs with inspirational Japanese kanji symbols

Kanji For Love Designs Good Health Kanji Symbols Designs Cursive Dragon Kanji Symbols Designs
Unique love kanji symbols Kanji symbols for longevity, long life Cursive dragon kanji symbols
Classic Kanji Symbol For Love Designs Reiki Kanji Symbol Designs Classic Dragon Kanji Symbol Designs
Classic kanji symbol for love designs Reiki kanji symbol designs Classic dragon kanji symbol designs
Japanese Kanji Peace Kanji Symbol For Child Luck Kanji, Prosperity Kanji Symbols
Peace kanji symbols designs Pictorial child kanji designs Prosperity, luck kanji designs


Designs with martial arts kanji symbols

Ninja Kanji Symbol Designs Bushido Kanji Symbol Designs Aikido Kanji Symbol Large Designs
Powerful ninja kanji symbols Bushido kanji designs in the true spirit of martial arts Aikido kanji large designs in the true spirit of Japanese martial arts
Karate Kanji Symbol Designs
Karate kanji symbol designs the empty hand martial art


Designs with kanji symbols in ancient Japanese calligraphy

Kanji For Love In Ancient Japanese Calligraphy
Kanji for love in ancient Japanese calligraphy


Artistic Kanji Symbols

To see more kanji symbols visit my Artistic Kanji Prints Gallery.

Sansui - Mountain And Water Calligraphy - Cobalt Blue Calligraphy Print Inspirational Red Dragon Kanji In Cursive - Kanji Print Joy In Japanese Semi-cursive script - Jorokobi Kanji Print
Sansui – Mountain And Water
Kanji Calligraphy Print
Inspirational Red Dragon
Cursive Dragon Kanji Print
Joy In Semi-cursive Script
Jorokobi Kanji Print

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Kanji symbols for tattoos

Many people email me to ask about kanji for their tattoos. I would like to recommend you a book, which is a reliable source for your Japanese tattoo or design. Have a look at it and see if it’s what you need.

Designing with Kanji: Japanese Character Motifs for Surface, Skin & Spirit – In this book you will find popular kanji in four different styles of Japanese calligraphy. Some kanji included are: samurai, courage, sword, passion, dream, ninja, bushi or thundergod.

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