Ninja Kanji Brushed In The Gyosho Style Of Japanese Calligraphy

The ninja kanji has two elements: NIN means to hide and JA stands for person. I have brushed the ninja kanji in a semi-cursive script with a beautiful balance between rest and motion to suggest the spirit of a ninja.

The most significant character in the ninja kanji is NIN.

Its original Chinese meaning is patience, endurance, but in Japan NIN evolved into shinobi, meaning to hide, to sneak in. The kanji NIN gives us an unmistaken picture of what the Chinese and Japanese understand by patience: a blade upon the heart!

Ninja Kanji Nin It requires little effort to imagine how this kanji for patience expanded its meaning to hiding, remaining undiscovered. For the spying samurais of the feudal Japan it was a common reality they faced, that even at the risk of their lives, -a blade upon their heart-, they did not reveal their identity. For the modern ninja, the stress, aggression and violence of our modern world certainly act as a sharp blade on our heart.

The kanji NIN has two parts. In the upper part there is the blade; its left element has a long dot, as if it were a drop of blood dripping from the sword. The lower part is a heart.

The second kanji is SHA

Ninja Kanji Sha The SHA kanji, pronounced as JA in NINJA, means person. Although unrecognizable in the actual form of this kanji, the original pictogram of JA, depicts an old person with long hair who walks with a cane. My guess is this was the best way to refer to a wise and respected person, full of experience and knowledge.

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Ninja Kanji Calligrapher Nadja Van Ghelue has brushed this ninja kanji design for the martial artist. It is written in the semi cursive style of Japanese calligraphy with a suggestive balance between motion and rest, the secret of the silent way. The ninja kanji design is available in different models. Below you see some of our shirts. The sweatshirts and hoodies are new. We hope you enjoy browsing our ninja kanji shirt collection, and our unique posters, prints and cards.

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Ninja Kanji Print In Japanese Calligraphy
Japanese Calligraphy of the Ninja Kanji

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