Reiki Symbols In Four Styles Of Japanese Calligraphy

Reiki Symbols The reiki symbols in standard, semicursive, cursive and ancient seal script have each a magic spell. The acient script is mysterious, the cursive flows, semicursive is full of strength and the standard script links to the earth. They are all vivid images of the inner meaning of reiki.

Reiki symbols are composed of two kanji: REI, spirit or soul and KI, life force. I have brushed the kanji symbols with the traditional large form of the kanji KI, instead of the simplified form, to maintain its expressive power.

The essence of reiki, the healing energie coming form the higher mind, is well expressed in both characters.

The top kanji REI means soul or spirit. It refers to he higher mind, the universal wisdom.

At the upper part of the kanji you can see a cloud, heavyly loaded with drops of water. Underneath stands the character for shaman, sorcerer. This kanji reminds of the shamanistic ritual to implore for rain. In ancient China it was the mighty goddess Di who had the power over the rain.

Between rain and sorcerer stand three mouths open to the rain.

The bottom kanji KI is the life force of the universe

The kanji KI is very simple and expressive. The three upper strokes represent the steam, while the third slanting stroke encloses the character for rice. It could not be otherwise, the Chinese mind thinks of rice and life breath as inseparable from each other.

Every time I cook rice I see a life performance of the kanji KI: steam that lifts up from the pot where I am cooking the rice.

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Calligrapher Nadja Van Ghelue has brushed the reiki symbols for you, the reiki practitioner. You can choose between four different styles and match the style that most suits your personal feelings. The reiki symbols are available in different models. Below you see some of our reiki designs. Click on the designs to browse our reiki kanji t-shirts, prints and posters.

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Kanji Reiki Symbols Designs In Semi-Cursive Script Kanji Reiki Symbols Designs In Cursive Script
Kanji reiki symbols
in semi-cursive script
Kanji reiki symbols
in cursive script
Kanji Reiki Symbols In Standard Script Kanji Reiki Symbols Designs In Ancient Script
Kanji reiki symbols
Kanji reiki symbols
in ancient script


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