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Sumi Painting
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Sumi painting

At the sumi-e gallery woman artist Nadja Van Ghelue shows and sells her sumi-e artwork. Trained in Japanese calligraphy, she expands her calligraphic art into Japanese sumi painting with bold washes and spirited brushstrokes.

A pictorial style reflecting directness and simplicity

Following the tradition of Chinese and Japanese art where painting was originally regarded as one of the six branches of calligraphy, the artist approaches the world of matter with a calligraphic eye.

Dots, brushstrokes and washes are the essential expressive tools in her sumi-e. Her sumi painting features especially the direct brushstroke, which is placed boldly, swiftly and without hesitation on the paper, and can be compared to the cursive script in Japanese calligraphy.

In her sumie painting the artist applies a strong pictorial synthesis that arises from a deep interiorization of the subject. She presents a highly subjective vision of things that doesn’t pursue external resemblance, but wants to recreate the inner spirit and life force of the Universe.

Innovation of traditional subjects

In Japanese painting there are several traditional subjects such as landscapes, the four seasons, flowers and birds, which have been painted by all artists throughout the centuries. Painting traditional subjects forces the artist to reinterpret the object, and to depict it in a new light. Slavish repetition that results in a lack of originality and strength should be avoided by all means.

Artist Nadja Van Ghelue seeks to assimilate the spirit of the old masters of Japanese painting. She paints her inner matured visions of sumi-e landscapes, mountains and sea cliffs, birds, flowers and ordinary things of life in a personal and refreshing manner.

Sumi, mineral pigments and rice paper

In this sumi-e painting gallery you find sumi art work done with the traditional art materials of Japanese painting. Special care is taken of the quality of the material used: Different types of genuine Chinese and Japanese rice paper, best Chinese and Japanese ground ink and pure mineral pigments and watercolors.

The artist prefers sumi and mineral pigments to all other media because of their inherent brightness. This gallery showcases monochrome Japanese ink paintings, characterized by the interplay of black and gray tones, and sumi paintings where mineral pigments and ink are masterfully combined. The paintings are executed on rice paper, and most of them are painted with the artist’s preferred brush, the soft goat’s hair brush. With these materials the artist creates an expressive world of outmost transparency and luminosity.

The artwork at the sumi-e gallery is mounted in the traditional Asian way and you can frame it in the western style with glass. Some of the sumi-e paintings for sale are mounted as a hanging scroll and are fit to be hung as they are.

At the Sumi-e Gallery you find my original sumi-e paintings for sale

We hope you enjoy browsing the transparent and luminous sumi world of artist Nadja Van Ghelue.

If you want to buy an original sumi painting or hanging scroll, please contact the artist. She will be happy to give you any information about the artwork.

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Artist Nadja Van Ghelue shows more sumi paintings at her high quality art prints gallery. Click here to buy a print of her sumi-e paintings.

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